There are only few things which can never be replaced in today's modern world and business cards are one among them. Everything we used has been upgraded to digital today such as meetings & conferences, signing contracts, mail, networking and so on. But the business cards still have their significance in today's world. Business cards come in handy to exchange during business meetings, trade fair or seminar. Unlike pamphlets, they are easy to hold and fit well in wallets.

Business cards are simple and yet most powerful way to promote your business. Because business card won't hold much of the information, it will have very minimal information such as the name of the business, email address, contact and web address (if any). All these information are very easy to remember for the receiver and this is where the significance of business card reflects. Having an aesthetically pleasing design for your business card is an added advantage as it will attract the receiver's attention in no time.

An interesting fact is that 72% of the people judge a company based on the quality of the business or visiting cards. Here are the 3 reasons why business cards are still important.

Business cards make a better impression

Networking may be a genuine option for sending and sharing information and making new connections. Texts and Emails might sound convenient but it doesn't make the better impression as a business card when you hand it out with a smiling face and some chit chats. Sending and sharing information via digital media will not have a real connection and it is, indeed, impersonal. Just typing and sending away the details of the business fails to establish the rapport between the sender and receiver. That is not the case with business cards, it can actually make a good impression of you and your business which is the first step for a good relationship between you and your potential customer.

Best Direct marketing tools

All forms of digital marketing such as Search Engine Optimization, Google ads, Social media ads and email marketing are great options for generating leads. But still, all those are not as effective as business cards which will give you an opportunity to have eye contact and handshakes with the receiver.

Help to Build your Brand

Making the brand popular is a coup for almost all the companies irrespective of the field. Branding can't be accomplished overnight and it takes a lot of time. How exactly do you do that? And where to start? This is where the business card comes into play. Business cards play a significant role in the building your brand as it will make your brand easily appreciable. Adding your brand's slogan or tagline on your business card makes things easier as the catchy lines or slogans are always appreciated and it will make the receiver to remember your brand or business.