1. 5 Reasons Why Posters can skyrocket your business

    Most of the people think that posters are obsolete after the fierce penetration of digital and social media in today's world. But that isn't true. Posters are still in the game! Experts, indeed, reckon posters are the most effective and efficient way for offline marketing. And most importantly, the posters are the logical and cost-efficient way to convey the message to their audience, given that it has impeccable design and is placed in the perfect location as it can lure the audience in no time

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  2. 3 reasons why business cards are still important

    There are only few things which can never be replaced in today's modern world and business cards are one among them. Everything we used has been upgraded to digital today such as meetings & conferences, signing contracts, mail, networking and so on. But the business cards still have their significance in today's world. Business cards come in handy to exchange during business meetings, trade fair or seminar. Unlike pamphlets, they are easy to hold and fit well in wallets.

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  3. 5 Important things to mention on your Business card

    Business cards are so much important as they create a splendid impression of your business! A professionally created visiting card would help in establishing a brand identity as well as generation of leads. But what do you actually mention on a business card? A lot of people get confused on what to put on a visiting card. Of course, you can keep it simple by just mentioning the basic information. But that might not be much effective, right? However, the most common things to mention on a business card would be: • Company/individual name • Specialization • Address(or) Location • Contact number Other than details above, there are a few other important things that you should mention on your visiting card that would make it much more effective and appealing. With these specific information, you can create an impact on your audience without much efforts. So, here is a

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  4. 6 Tips to create Stunningly designed Visiting Cards

    Visiting card designing can be fun and exciting! But if you're not a professional designer, then it may seem a lot more difficult to design your own visiting cards. Therefore, we have compiled a list of 6 tips to create stunningly designed visiting cards. By keeping these tips in your mind, you'll be able to create incredible business card designs.

    1. Use simple fonts

    The incredible design does not necessarily mean using complex fonts to make your business card visually appealing. It is always necessary to use simple fonts so that it is easy to read. Readability is an important factor in visiting card design. It enables people to go through your business card without facing any difficulty in understanding the information printed over the card.

    2. Choice of colour

    Colour is quite an essential component of business card design as choosing a wrong colour combination may not have a good impact on your marketing efforts. If you represent

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  5. How does online visiting card printing work?

    Visiting card is one of the most effective marketing tactics. Printing visiting cards for your business can be beneficial to market your products and services to potential clients. A traditional way of printing involves going to local retailer and choosing from a limited set of options. This could result in your business cards looking just ordinary. And we do know what happens with ordinary cards. People don't go through it and throw it off instantly.

     That's the sad part about traditional business cards. But in this digital era with technical advancement, visiting cards have evolved and turned out to be much better than before. There are more designing options and different paper types available today. Also, you don't have to visit a printing shop, you can get visiting cards online now.

    Buying visiting cards online is not only convenient but also gives you

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  6. Why should Advocates have visiting card?

    Being an advocate is a tough job! You need to deal with a lot of clients on a daily basis. It is also one of the most competitive jobs and requires patience as well as skills. With growing competition, it is quite essential for an advocate to stand out from the rest and garnish as much attention as possible. In a way, advocates have to market themselves to clients to get more work. Therefore, having a visiting card is not only helpful but also to get more clients.

    With stunningly designed business cards, you can attract a lot of clients and make yourself known in this profession. Usually, most people in this profession pay little to no attention for marketing their services. This can be a great opportunity for you to capitalise and work upon. With creatively designed business cards, you can attract a lot of clients. Also, if your visiting card is professionally designed, more people might keep it with themselves to contact you in future in case they require your services.

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  7. How should photography visiting card be designed?

    Photographers are the people who turn special moments into something memorable! Photography has not gone out of fashion ever since its inception. Growing popularity in advanced photography techniques has stirred the need for marketing for professionals in this field. The competition is as high as ever and in this bottleneck scenario, professional photographers have to adopt modern marketing tactics to make sure that their business stays profitable.

    Visiting card for photographers

    Photography visiting cards are the first impression on customers. Therefore professionals need to put in a lot of efforts to design their business cards. The first and foremost step is to have a creative logo along with the company name. This allows you to stand out from the rest and build a unique identity. The next would be to have a memorable slogan text. They are quite effective and serves the purpose of brand recognition. Adding special fonts and graphic designs would be a huge a

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  8. Do doctor need business cards?

    Doctors are always need in almost every part of the world! But do doctors require marketing tactics such as business cards? The simple answer would be - Yes! Let us list out a few reasons why medical professionals require a visiting card:

    • Helps in growth of ventures such as clinics, hospitals, etc.
    • Easiest way to share contact details with large group of people.
    • Provides address/location and timings
    • People can refer it and contact in case any emergency
    • Adds a professional touch to your medical practice

    The above reasons clearly indicate that it is quite beneficial for medical professionals to invest in a doctor visiting card to have a professional outlook. You can either design your own doctor visiting card, or else choose from customised templates that'll save time and efforts. With personalised visiting cards, you can take your professional journey to new levels. So, do not hesitate to invest in high quality bu

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  9. How to design beauty parlour visiting cards?

    Beauty parlours are one of the most profitable business in today's world. Just like any other business, a certain level of marketing methodologies must be implemented for beauty parlour business to reach more customers. One of the most effective ways is the use of business cards. Business cards are traditional yet relevant to almost every business. They are quite beneficial in the acquisition of customers as well as engagement.

    Businesses such as beauty parlour represent an enormous amount of creativity which is why it is so important for their visiting cards to be equally creative. Beauty parlour visiting card designing requires you to have a unique logo of your business. It also involves the use of texts such as company name and slogans. Photos and graphic illustrations are also essential and provide an added advantage to the effectiveness of overall design.

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  10. What is an Interior designer visiting card?

    Interior designing is everything that involves building creative and pleasing interior designs for people in a limited space. It is one of the most challenging professions and requires a lot of skills and experience to have edge over the competition. For Interior designing professionals, business cards are quite beneficial in establishing a relationship with clients. It also helps in acquiring new clients and keeping in touch with the existing ones. Interior designer visiting card requires special attention as they have to be crafted elegantly for a better professional outlook.

    You can opt for designing your business cards by yourself or choose from interior designer visiting card templates. Customized templates are a much easier way to design cards using a pre-defined set of elements. If you have an awesome design already in your mind, then you can surely opt for designing it from scratch. In case you feel stuck or need assistance, then don't worry! We provide design assist

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