Visiting card designing can be fun and exciting! But if you're not a professional designer, then it may seem a lot more difficult to design your own visiting cards. Therefore, we have compiled a list of 6 tips to create stunningly designed visiting cards. By keeping these tips in your mind, you'll be able to create incredible business card designs.

1. Use simple fonts

The incredible design does not necessarily mean using complex fonts to make your business card visually appealing. It is always necessary to use simple fonts so that it is easy to read. Readability is an important factor in visiting card design. It enables people to go through your business card without facing any difficulty in understanding the information printed over the card.

2. Choice of colour

Colour is quite an essential component of business card design as choosing a wrong colour combination may not have a good impact on your marketing efforts. If you represent a business that is classy and traditional, then always opt for black and white colours. The vintage B&W visiting cards are one of the most effective ones. However, for more creativity, you might want to add great colour combinations that reflect your brand colours.

3. QR codes

Adding a QR code is a must! It is a great way to get customers directed to your website and digital channels. Also, it would give you an edge over your competition and adding uniqueness to your design as well. Now, it is really important where you place your QR code. The bottom-right corner is often the most used for this purpose, but you can place it anywhere suiting your requirements.

4. Adding photos and graphics

The text and colours alone would not have a huge impact. If there are no photos or graphic designs, then your business card would look ordinary which is not a good thing at all. Adding a personal photo would generate trust in people which can possibly generate leads. Also, using graphic designs adds creativeness to your visiting cards. You can use simple yet effective graphics to have better engagements with audience.

5. Using customized templates

If you're not a professional designer, then designing from scratch can be a lot difficult. So, instead of starting from scratch, you can use customized visiting card templates to save time and effort. This would allow you to focus more on designing rather than wasting time. Use can browse from a list of free templates available here according to your business type and requirements.

6. High-Quality printing

All your hard work in designing would go waste if you don't invest in high-quality business card printing! Printing quality is crucial as it allows your design to have an enhanced effect. You can opt for special finish cards that have a specialized Spot UV finish. UV visiting cards adds beauty to your design and makes your trusty cards look amazing.

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