Business cards are so much important as they create a splendid impression of your business! A professionally created visiting card would help in establishing a brand identity as well as generation of leads. But what do you actually mention on a business card? A lot of people get confused on what to put on a visiting card. Of course, you can keep it simple by just mentioning the basic information. But that might not be much effective, right? However, the most common things to mention on a business card would be: • Company/individual name • Specialization • Address(or) Location • Contact number Other than details above, there are a few other important things that you should mention on your visiting card that would make it much more effective and appealing. With these specific information, you can create an impact on your audience without much efforts. So, here is a list of 5 important things that should be mentioned on your business card:

QR code

A QR code is matrix barcode that people can scan using their smart phones. These square-shaped bar codes are a quicker and easier way to take users directly to your webpage. You can use a QR code visiting card to bring potential clients directly to your webpage where you can provide a detailed information about your products and services. Isn't it amazing? It surely is!


If you have a tagline, then do mention it on your business card. A tagline is a great way of giving a unique identification to your business. If it is an interesting one, then it becomes more likely for people to get in touch with you. Make sure you have an eye-catching and mention it on your card design before visiting card printing. A beautiful tagline should set the right pace to make your interactions with customers a lot more creative.

Website URL

It is necessary to have you website URL on your personalised visiting card because it acknowledges you digital presence. Potential customers can directly visit your website to purchase or enquire about your products/services. This can give a major boost to your marketing efforts while requiring no special specifications. Just mention your website in the footnote or anywhere you desire and see the necessary results!


A precise photo of yourself may the best way to create personalisation using visiting cards. By having your picture on the visiting card, you can have an impactful and memorable impression. Always try to use an up to date version of your picture. Visiting cards with pictures tend to yield a great response as they are believed to generate trust in the clients.

Social Media handles

In this era of digitization, it has become more and more important to have an online presence. Social media platforms are a goldmine for businesses looking to connect with their audience. By mentioning your social media handles on your personalised business card, you directly lead customers to contact your business through digital channels. This can be one of the easiest way to interact with your audience and also promotion of social media handles. So, these were the 5 important things that you must mention on your business card. If you're wondering on how to get them printed, then we do have a solution. We provide personalised business card printing online at affordable price and free shipping across India. Dina Color Lab has been the most trusted online printing firm with an experience of over 27 years. Get the important details filled up on your business cards and print them at affordable fee today!