1. Are QR codes important for visiting cards? | Business cards | Dina Color Lab

    What if a business card can bring your customer directly to your websites? This is possible using QR codes! QR codes are matrix barcodes which has optical label that contains information. You can place QR codes on your business cards that'll lead users directly to your website or desired digital platform once scanned using their devices. Having a digital printed code gives you an edge over your competition and also makes your visiting cards unique.

    Pretty much impressive, right? But are they really for your business? We have listed a few advantages of having QR codes on your visiting cards:

    Link to various sites

     You can create QR codes that'll direct your user to a digital platform of your choice. Customers can visit your website directly with it thereby increasing your traffic. Also, you can direct users to social media channels as well to increase your follower count. Product or service webpage can also be considered according to your requirements. Using

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  2. Why are business cards still relevant?

    With the onset of digitization, businesses have swiftly shifted towards marketing through digital channels rather than traditional methodologies. In the midst of all, business card have still maintained its prominence and holds a strong position in modern marketing tactics. Quite surprising, isn't it? It is interesting to know that professional visiting cards are still relevant to almost all business types.

    They have often been regarded as the most simplest method of sharing contact details with potential clients. Business card is astonishingly quite effective in creating a lasting impression on customers which can turn out to be extraordinary for you business. So, today we're going to look at some key aspects on why visiting cards would be relevant for your business!


    Long gone are the days when a visiting card would only be a piece of paper with contact details printed on it. There has been a major transformation for these trusty cards whic

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  3. Social Media business cards - What are they?

    Traditional business cards are still important for almost every business. They help in building connection with clients and promote your business effectively. But what if business card turns out to be a great promotion for your social media channels as well? That is exactly what social media friendly cards are! Social media business card is a professionally designed business card that promotes your social media channels through your digital handles mentioned along with other contact details.

    Social media has been a dominant channel in terms of marketing and promotion. It is therefore quite a sensible decision to make social media promotion a part of your offline marketing efforts. Since visiting cards are the most popular traditional method it is really important that you use them to promote your digital channels. But, are they much effective? Let's check out some benefits of using social media friendly business cards!

    Social Media Following

    It's no do

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  4. How to design your own business cards?

    Traditional business cards never run out of demand! They are best means of marketing and leaving a lasting impression on your clients. These pocket-sized cards are the first thing you'll need to use when starting out a business. Even in this digital era, visiting cards have still managed to be quite an effective marketing tactic. The best part is that with today's advanced technology, you can even design business cards on your own without having to rely on professional designers.

    Yes, visiting card designs are quite easy to make and you can do it online using with our free online visiting card maker. In addition, you can also use custom templates to make the designing process even easier. The online business card design maker allows user to create stunningly designed  business cards using a drag-and-drop interface. So, how to get started? Let's take a look at the primary things that you'll need before getting started with your awesome business card design:

    • Com
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  5. Design your Jewellery visiting cards in 5 easy steps

    Creative your business card design can be fun and easy! Visiting cards for Jewellery business is a great way to promote and create awareness about your brand. Earlier, designing a business cards was tough as it required professional skills for creative designs. But now, due to technical advancements, it is possible to create your own designs without much efforts. To get started with your jewellery visiting cards design with our free online design tool, follow these simple and easy tips: 

    1. Choose a template: The first thing that you'll need to do is to choose a template suitable according to your requirements. You can browse through different Jewellery visiting card template or start from a blank template for a simpler design. 

    2. Place your logo and text: The next step is to personalize you template by placing your company logo using an easy drag and drop interface. Place you logo at the best suitable place. Now add you desired text than includes your

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  6. Visiting cards Construction & Real estate business

    Construction and real estate businesses require business cards to market their services to potential clients. Business cards can help these businesses grow and prosper exponentially. It is great way to acquire new customer as well as retain the existing ones. Real estate visiting cards can be used to create possible connections with people to get more customers. Especially in India, the real estate business is always in high demand. In such cases, having a real estate visiting card can be quite essential for businesses and also enable them to have an edge over their competition. 

    Professionals involved in the construction business can also benefit by using business cards. Construction business cards are highly effective in engaging clients. They are the first point of contact with potential clients that can leave a good impression. If you are looking out for construction or real estate business cards, then you can choose from customized that'll help you in designing and crea

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  7. Kraft paper visiting cards: An eco-friendly solution

    Business cards has been used by businesses for a long time now! They are quite effective and still relevant in today's marketing strategies and practices. But with time, visiting cards have evolved and have undergone a major transformation. Earlier business cards used to be simple with only little piece of information printed on a pocket-friendly card. In today's world, we have several variations of business cards which are available in different sizes and shapes.

    Kraft paper visiting card is one such type which used a brown craft paper for an authentic and creative look. The brown craft paper resembles creativity with a vintage outlook. Other than the amazing outlook, it is also eco-friendly. There is no usage of any other materials like plastic in these business cards. The Kraft visiting cards can be used by various companies and businesses who adore these finely crafted cards. The brown coloured cards are suitable for simple styled text with attractive font. 


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  8. Why do catering owners need business cards?

    If you are in the catering business, it's no surprise that making connections with people and acquiring customers gets tougher each day. It is not only important but quite necessary for businesses to gain confidence of the consumers as well as look out potential business opportunities. Catering business cards are relatively old yet effective marketing  strategy to gain new customers as well as retain the existing ones.

    Handing out a business cards to potential customers can do wonders for your business. If you invest in catering business cards, then you'll have an edge over your competition. A creatively designed visiting card helps your business to stand out from the crowd. Although it might seem a lot difficult to design a business card on your own, it is definitely worth  it. Alternatively you can choose from custom catering business card templates online to save efforts and time. You can choose from our free templates and get visiting cards printing online with free ship

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  9. What are Travel Agency business cards?

    A travel agency visiting cards is the best way promote business for people working in the travel industry. A business in travel and tourism is always profitable as well as in demand. This also implies that there is a lot of competition persisting in the travel industry. With such bottleneck competition, a travel agency must try all means to promote their business. Business is a traditional yet effective marketing tactic that can churn in great results for your travel business.

    Visiting cards for travel agency should be well designed. It should have an excellent print quality to make a  lasting impression on customers. While designing a travel agency visiting card, make sure you keep the following things in mind:

    • Design should be stunningly beautiful
    • Size should be compact
    • Contact details should be mentioned
    • Adding QR codes and website URL is beneficial
    • Should have high quality print
    • Adequate finishing of visiti
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  10. Are LIC business cards still important?

    LIC business cards are not a new thing as they have been used for long time now. These cards serve the purpose of making people aware about the services offered by an lic agent. Even in the digital era, these cost-effective cards are still the most famous means of marketing services and products. Therefore, business cards can be a lead generation source for LIC agents  as people still tend to retain the business cards they find useful. But that does not mean that any ordinary visiting card will do the job for them.

    To make a good impression on people, LIC agents need to invest in professionally designed business cards that'll possibly yield good results for them. According to this profession, a neatly designed business card with all the necessary information would be sufficient. Adding much colors is not required but a special finish such as embossing can do wonder for the business card design. So, before you get started with business card printing, make sure that you consid

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