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Video Editing

Professional video editing services: The rough video footage for professional use like ad films, corporate films, documentary films and promotional videos are edited under the supervision of our video/film director.


Home video editing services: The rough video footage of occasions like holidays, birthday parties, wedding ceremonies and other family or social gatherings, are edited and aligned in a meaningful way under the guidance of our video editors.


DVD video editing services: The motion picture captured directly on a DVD using a DVD camcorder, High Definition DVD camera or any other DVD camera is directly copied on to the video editing PC. The rough footage is then aligned as per the customer's need.


The video editing process at Dina Color Lab 


  • Collecting the complete video footage from the customer and understanding their requirements.
  • Moving the entire video footage on the hard drive of the computer used for editing.
  • Cutting the unwanted portions and aligning the appropriate shots using video editing software such as Final Cut Pro.
  • Adding backgrounds, sound effects, voiceovers and special effects.
  • Adding title and credits screens to the video
  • Adding background music, sound effects and other audio to the video

Copying the finished product onto video tapes, CD-ROM, DVD or any other such format as per the customer specifications